YOKOMO Program Card for SP-03D Programmable Servo (SP-03DPC)

YOKOMO Program Card for SP-03D Programmable Servo (SP-03DPC)

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YOKOMO Program Card for SP-03D Programmable Servo (SP-03DPC)
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YOKOMO Program Card for SP-03D Programmable Servo (SP-03DPC)

Adjusting each value of power, torque, hunting suppression, and neutral width, it also realizes a reverse function of servo operation. Although the SP-03D has sufficient performance by default, it can be set in detail to meet the demands of expert drivers who require more delicate operation.

For example, if the driver himself increases the feeling of operation, or if the machine balance is good and there is no need to raise the hunting suppression area, the power and torque can be increased to achieve a more direct operation, or on the contrary. In severe situations such as driving (when you want to increase the gyro gain value, etc.), it is possible to easily bring out the steering characteristics according to the situation, such as increasing the hunting suppression value by reducing power and torque.

Menu Range Default Action
power (advance)
50-100 80 Adjust the steering speed and torque. Hunting is likely to occur if the value is set too high.
holding force
1-30 14 Adjust the servo holding force.
hunting suppression value
1-100 58 Adjust the hunting suppression value. If you increase the value too much, the operation speed may decrease.
Neutral Width 
Neutral width
1-12 11 If the value is low, it becomes a direct characteristic, and on a high grip road surface, it becomes a mild characteristic if the value is increased.
reverse function
ON-OFF ON A function that determines the steering direction. Equivalent to the reverse function installed in transmitters.

The main body is equipped with a servo connection port and a power supply port. The power supply can use a BEC power supply such as ESC or receiver, or it can be connected via a micro USB connector from a PC or mobile battery. A connector cord for BEC power connection is also included.

* If the BEC power supply and the micro USB power supply are connected at the same time, the ESC BEC circuit and the program card circuit will be damaged. Do not connect the two power supplies simultaneously.

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